The Best Bond Movie?

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  1. mgrund


  2. #1 SKYFALL

    #2 Quantum Of Solace
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  3. 1rfan


    Living Daylights
  4. My vote is for Living Daylights too, Dalton is the best Bond for me.
  5. FX_Hedge


    Any of the Daniel Craig movies are my favorite!
  6. 1- Casino Royal
    2- Skyfall
    3- Never Say Never Again
    4- For Your Eyes Only

    I think Daniel Craig and Sean Connery are the best Bonds
    Roger Moore was too old for the last couple.
    Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan are both good actors but just never looked the part IMO.
    And that guy who only did one, well, there was a reason for that.
  7. Visaria


    From Russia with Love

    (tied with Skyfall)
  8. newwurldmn


    Skyfall sucked - one of the worst. Bond shouldn’t have a past. He should only have a present. and M and him should not have that close of a bond (hehe - pun).
  9. He also fought like a girl. He was better in The Saint.

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