The best, and most accurate take down of the IRS

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Mike Kelly destroys this asshole, and the most accurate statement that has been said follows.

    One of Steven Millers excuses today was that the IRS is a poorly run institution, Mike Kelley responds saying basically "What if i was to respond to the IRS after an audit saying this is a poorly run institution, would i get off for that?"

    These bastards have put more people in jail for innocent screw ups than anyone, and they actually have the audacity to blame their actions on beaurecracy, as if thats an excuse that should acceptible and should get them off?

    How did that work out for kenneth lay, or jeffrey skilling, or koslowski? If you are in charge, the buck stops with you, period.

    Why is it acceptable for the IRS to throw their hands up and act as if they didnt know what was happening, when we clearly do not accept that amongst private citizens?

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  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    These guys are evil cock suckers, I have faced their wrath already one time before, when me and a few guys first started making big money in the market we found a legitimate arb opportunity, i made a whole bunch of money the in august september october november and december of that year, then in january, i lost basically everything i had made, as someone picked off what we were doing, and we were doing it in way to big of size, my loss included all of the tax money i was going to have to pay for the year.

    Anyways i claimed my taxes for the previous year, and i was hoping i could get away without paying my taxes for a few months, because i had other things i could do in the market to make up for it, I needed the last 50k i had in my bank and the ability to trade my trading account in order to make the money back, and to live.

    Then one day it was sometime around november or december of thaT year i go to gas up my car, and my bank account has been frozen, and now i have no money to pay for gas. I called my bank asking cause i knew i had about 50k in the account, and they told me the IRS emptied my account, and it was a freeze and i had to call this number. Im left in the middle of nowhere trying to explain to some guy that i will pay him back for gas, and he didnt want to let me go, and at the time i had nothing but my car keys and my debit card on me. Ended up having to borrow money like a bum from everyone i knew, for the first time in my life too, just to get by for a few months.

    These stupid cock suckers from the IRS then contacted the CEO of the company i was trading with, and started harassing them too, and the company i was trading with at the time wanted to fire me as well because they didnt want to deal with it, luckily i knew the branch owner in my propshop, so he opened a new account for me in a different name.

    When i talked to the cocksuckers from the IRS i told them, if they do what they are doing, there would be zero chance i could pay them back, if they froze my account, and then harassed my employer to the point where i couldnt even work with them, the guys from the IRS didnt give a shit.

    I was very lucky to have known the branch manager, and have been working on a profit share at a company where i had zero down, otherwise i would have been screwed.

    Bottom line is most of the people willing to do that job are evil cocksuckers to begin with, so i hope they get whats coming to them.
  3. Ricter


    You probably don't remember the IRS we Americans remember from the 80's.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    Given the fact that i was born in 1980, you are right, thankfully back in the 80's the government wasnt in the business of shutting down 5 year olds lemonade stands.

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  5. Is there a theme here, The left is realizing that Government can be to big and sloppy.

    Axelrod says: “There’s so much underneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast.”
    One of Steven Millers excuses today was that the IRS is a poorly run institution,
  6. Ricter


    In those days the IRS would, and did, smash the car window of a pregnant woman in arrears $400, and drag her across the broken glass. Subsequent administrations and Congress made them tone it down.

  7. They will levy you in a New York minute, and take your house and any other asset you might possess. People don't realize this until they go through what you went through. They have too much predatory power. This is also an argument for gold coins, and only leave what you can afford to lose in a trading account. I would be nervous as a cat today, if I had the trading account size I used in years past.
  8. jem


    I heard the cry of eliminate the IRS on TV last night.

    I think they should eliminate the tax dept and just let IRS stand for

    Internal Revenue ( for Obamacare only) Service.
  9. piezoe


    I don't know anyone that loves dealing with the IRS and so anytime a congressman can attack the IRS in a public forum, they naturally delight in the opportunity. But only the most skilled can pull these attacks off without appearing mean, and when you can do that and feather your political nest simultaneously you are a skilled "grandstander." And Kelly's tirade was as slick an example of good ole fashioned grandstanding as you're ever gonna see. He even gets a hearty round of applause from the gallery!

    Kelly did not acquire any useful information -- the ostensible purpose of the hearing-- but that's not what grandstanding is about! Kelly asks a couple questions to warm up the witness. Naturally, he already knows the answers, so there is no point in letting the witness finish his sentences, other than to seem polite while not being. Once Kelly has his witness bound and gagged, he launches into his audience pleasing performance. This is all according to the rules of grandstanding which state that the witness shall not be permitted a complete sentence on the theory that an intelligent utterance from the witness can dim the luster of the grandstander's performance. Kelly plays by the rules!

    Well done Mr. Kelly, "Mission Accomplished," not that you are really doing anything useful, of course. It is nonetheless first rate entertainment and a truly masterful example of grandstanding. You keep that up, Mr. Kelly, and you'll be in the U.S. Senate in no time.

    The irony in all this is that Mr. Kelly is Mr. Miller's boss. Mr. Kelly handed Mr. Miller 72,000 pages of unworkable and non-understandable rules that Mr. Kelly made up, and now Mr. Kelly is pretending to be upset that Mr. Miller wasn't able to do a perfect job of administering his 72,000 pages of rules.

    If I was Mr. Miller and Mr. Kelly handed me 72,000 pages of nonsense, you know what I'd say to Mr. Kelly? I'd say, "Whatever!" :D
  10. Max E.

    Max E.

    1.) I will readily give you the fact that kelly was grandstanding, but what he said was 100% accurate, why should a guy like miller be allowed to get off on claims of ignorance when the exact same claim would land one of us in jail if the roles were reversed, and miller was targeting a citizen?

    People are getting awful sick of this, and these arent isolated inccidents, the government is operating under a completely different set of rules than us, do you not agree that as a bare minimum they should be beholden to the same rules as every other citizen?

    2.)You realise the tax code is alot more than a measly 72000 pages of rules dont you? I fully support a simple flat tax, the tax code should be written on no more than 50 pages, its impossible for anyone to follow the law perfectly and kelly made that point, if the IRS wants to take someone down, the bottom line is they can, almost anyone would be guilty of something with such a gigantic, and convoluted tax code.

    3.)Given the fact that you do not think that Mr.Miller should even be responsible for 72000 pages of rules, do you believe they should be responsible for all the new pages of rules generated under obamacare?

    Edit: sorry i was thinking of words not pages, you are right on 72000 pages.
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