the BEST AG spread is...

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  1. it seems to be the Soybean spread within the new crop year...

    is it Soybeans Nov/Soybeans ???...July 2010?...or what are some of the most volatile AG spread plays out there?
  2. Chicago wheat/KCBOT wheat, March contract. Chicago was premium, but is now 2.5 cents lower. Still, a lot of action in that spread. March, May beans were good last week when they traded at the same price.

  3. foo


    overall or now?
  4. what is the SPAN overnight margin requirement on this?
  5. let's keep it for right now as most relevant...thanks...
  6. best intra-mkt: N/X and X/X bean spreads (if you can handle them)

    best inter-mkt: live cattle vs. lean hogs
  7. do you mean Jan/March and Jan/May soybeans or simply March/May soybeans?