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  1. Anyone know what time Bernanke is supposed to speak on Monday (5/5/08)? Barron's notes that he will be speaking but doesn't give a time.


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    May 5



    2030/0030 - NEW YORK - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke speaks on "Responding to Mortgage Delinquencies and Foreclosures" at the Columbia Business School Distinguished Leadership in Business and Distinguished Leadership in Government Awards Annual Dinner.
  3. Ben to announce he is going to bail out every home owner in the US. Free money to all!
  4. this wont move the market at all
  5. Given that he's blabbing at 8:30 PM ET, you're in the highest of likelihoods correct but then what constitutes an after-market move > no move at all? Me not really care but will glance at the chart anyways.


    PS: Thanks nkhoi