The Bells of Nagasaki

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  1. Hiroshima tested a uranium bomb. Militarily it is disputed whether this was necessary, but its effectiveness in terms of psychological warfare over the Russians is pretty clear.

    What isn't is the bombing of Nagasaki just 3 days after, using a different technology (plutonium)... of course had Japan been given a couple more hours or days to formally accept to surrender "inconditionally", this test would have been made impossible... therefore the US only had a tight window... well i guess it needed to be known what the effects of both bombs, particularly with regard to neutron or gamma ray exposure, could be on people, therefore might as well try that on the Japanese, no?

    now we know :)

    thank u america the beautiful :)

    heiwa wo!
  2. Get some help.
  3. who needs help when there is america pal :)
  4. The atomic bombing of Nagasaki killed less people than the firebombing of Tokyo.

    Of course you didn't know that, because you're an ignorant moonbat.

    Furthermore, the atomic bombings prevented an invasion of Japan which would have resulted in millions dead, both civilian and military. Allied casualties would have been enormous.

    But of course you don't care about that, because you're an ignorant moonbat.

    You may cry to the heavens that Japan was about to surrender, but those close to the Emperor and many, many historians have stated otherwise.

    But of course you don't care about that, because you're an ignorant moonbat whose only purpose in life is to rail against the evil machinations of the US.

    What is truly pathetic is that you reside in a country whose people you refer to in a derogatory, racist manner.

    Undoubtedly they are unaware of your true character as you hide it from them like a coward.


    Your resume keeps growing...
  5. i guess that makes it alright then :) just another bomb...

    wow, millionzzz!!! where did u get that new estimate from, pal, yr daddy told u? :) anyway, what has this got to do with the militarily gratuitous bombing of Nagasaki (just 3 days after Hiroshima and before a full assessment of the massacre cld've been made), SPECIFICALLY, u understand this world don't u?

    therefore? again how does that even begin to address the militarily gratuitous nature of the bombing of Nagasaki??

    what is truly pathetic is yr evasion of war crime responsibilities, and the means by which u attempt to evade them, yesterday, now, and probably in the future... but even mighty america can't run forever dude :D
  6. I've clearly been posting in response to not only an ignorant moonbat racist coward, but an imbecile at that.

    Either that is the excuse for your feeble intellect or you are indeed a child whose parents are working in Japan and you've snuck onto your daddy's laptop.

    Welcome to the world of Ignore. Back to your Leggo sets and PlayStation like a good boy....
  7. nice cop out redneck... can't deal with the nagasaki issue hey? i wasn't expecting u to :p :p :p
  8. The bombing of Nagasaki ensured the total surrender of Japan. Some folks have never figured it out that if you are in a war and plan on winning you better have not only the biggest stick but also the will to use it. Otherwise you end up with Vietnam and now Iraq.

    Unfortunately a generation or two of children have grown up under the premise that there are no winners and losers, that there are no real consequences for not winning, that it is ok to be a loser and feel good about it, all courtesy of the liberals running our education system into the ground. This concept and its indoctrination into our youth are exactly why this moron and his fellow left (out) leaning pussified takers exist today.

    I see them lasting about a generation or maybe two. As soon as the US is really threatened either economically or militarily the remaining moonbats as ya'll call them will disappear as they are replaced by those who have a sense of self pride and accomplishment that is provided from embracing competition and embracing winning while despising losers like this joker. Otherwise the US will go by the way of France, Great Britian, Rome, and other previous world superpowers.
  9. agree with that however that point was amply made with Hiroshima... if even the Russians cld see it...

    find me any serious military benefit analysis of nuking Nagasaki without giving any more than 3 days to the already surrendering Japanese to figure things out - if not the benefit of large-scale human testing of the primary & secondary effects of a new lethal technology - instead of endlessly repeating yr moronic mantras

    agree thats a pretty crap ideology too, but attempting to justify away any plain wrongdoing on grounds of patriotism is no better... thats what leads to relativism, not the other way around... capice, moron?? where was the honor in bombing nagasaki? where the fuck have american values gone, for u guys not even being able to face and accept yr mistakes?? the weight of shame? well, u can... yes, this used to be a great country, but a great country it is no more... thks to guys like u... may u rot in hell

    despise all u want, your already on the way out...
  10. It's hard to argue alternative history. However, there is a huge difference in psychology between "they made this one super bomb and used it," and "God knows how many more of this bomb they have. It seems that they're going to use one every other day."

    Given the first situation, most people would tough it out. Given the second, almost all people would give up.
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