The Beginning of the End of Ridiculous Drug Laws Thats cost us Billions

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Oct 5, 2010.

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    We took the first step.

    100 dollar fine for anything under an ounce in Cali. Im thinking when i make it back home im going to grab 29 grams of weed and smoke it infront of my police station till they nail me with a 100 dollar fine, just so i can mock them. :D

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  2. It's okay to smoke dope but against the law to put a toy in a happy meal.
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    Your comparing appels to oranges, i dont know about you but i have never met an aggressive pothead, though i have met tons of crazy alcoholics.
  4. yep, the answer is to bend over and give in to the drug addicts.

  5. hapless meals are more addictive than pot, aimed squarely at kids that get hooked on beef and fries for life causing untold misery and costing billions in healthcare costs:D
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    sooooo.... you might be scoring some really good stuff... a happy meal equates to booze somehow? I don't follow but... like, whatever...
  7. Oh alright, let me compare apple to apples. It is okay to put a bong in a happy meal if the happy meal contains fruits and veggies.:D
  8. You better smoke some real quick because one ounce is equal to 28.3495231 grams.

    If they nab you with the whole thing before you smoke some you are busted. :eek:
  9. Legalize the junk.

    Stop wasting our tax money on religious laws.
  10. ...LOL... :D Your taxes?

    Come on now... Everybody knows stoners don't pay taxes. Oh sure... The drug community! The biggest contributors to the tax base! :p

    You can waste my taxes on jailing people for using and selling drugs anytime! Although, I'd prefer that users were sent to rehab. I'm against legalizing the sale of poison to people. Even if they are too dumb to understand the consequences.

    Seriously, do you guys really want big corporations getting in on the action? The big pharmaceuticals are already over prescribing to the max. Can anyone picture what is going to happen once drugs are legal?

    Hey how did de-regulation work for the oil markets...?

    We're all screwed if drugs become legal.
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