The Beginning of the Collapse

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  2. They are called economic "theories" for a reason.

    Oh, and I'm sure Krugman couldn't resist taking a shot at Reagan, but Clinton didn't exactly make sweeping changes when he was in office, not to mention that tiny piece of legislation that passed under his watch.
  3. Pure bunk. The free market system would've been much more restrictive without fannie and freddie, the two drunken sailors backed by their rich uncle; so to say the free market caused this is baloney. It's the democratic party that wants everything fair and equal, thus the lower down payments and loan requirements. If left purely to private enterprise the system would be much safer and we wouldn't be in this mess. Get rid of government and let them just provide for our defense, ensure justice, and "secure the blessings of liberty." Lets get rid of the U.S. postal service too!
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    Agreed. This wasn't a partisan posting. Clinton and co. played their roles. I just can't believe anyone would listen to those on any side of the aisle that are still spouting failed policies. The whole system needs to be fixed before we all end up in the poor house.
  5. The 'band-aid' comes off soon.

    Even the government can only prop up indexes and dupe the sheeple for so long.

    Without direct vouchers from the government to buy 'shit', mailed or fed ex'd to them, green shoots becomes green shits.

    Anyone here interested in truth - subscribe to this thread, and come back in 4 months - you'll find unemployment, foreclosures and business bankruptcies at a post WWII high;

    ...summer of pain, fall of discontent, and winter of despair is coming to these United States.