The Beginning of Giving Houses Away.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hairdresser, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Centex is offering $100,000 discounts on its houses in Northern California.
  2. So does that mean the market is saturated ? Or are they just in a good mood ?
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    The look on the lady's face (raking leaves) is priceless... They're DEFINITELY not in a good mood!! :D
  4. lol. true. i think is that they are saturated with land on their balance sheets and trying to liquidate it before the crashdown.
    Good Barrons mention of the problems they face.
  5. its just a marketing gimmick. nothing new.

  6. Houses for $100,000 off. Dont sound like a roaring market anymore. I would hate if Centex was having that sale near where i live.
  7. First round of "bubble" defalation, sellers market turning into a buyers market.
  8. It means that they deliberately overpriced those houses by 40-100k so as to provide an inducement that will still net them a good profit.
  9. is that what it means? i dont agree w/ you on that one.
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