The Beginning of a Legacy,

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    What is a Legacy?

    What is your Legacy?

    What is your Stand?

    Why are Leaders, powerless to cause change.

    Why do they choose war, and not peace,

    Why do they choose the ways of Satan, and ANTI-CHRIST.

    Aganist Jesus Christ,

    What is a movement,

    A cause worth Fighting for, with out killing one another,

    Who makes all of the weapon?
    Who makes the most weapons?

    20th Century war was waged by a secret government of elite,
    that have ties throughout the entire world,

    Who is this group and members, FreeMasons? Bilderberg? Jesuits? Black Pope?Skull and Bones? Who do they worship, what is their code? Beliefs? Practices? When did they begin?

    If truth and Light is out in the open, Why are these groups behind closed doors, with so much secrecy?