The Beer Report - June

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  1. After reading some great Journals and thinking that having to post for all to see would improve my trading I thought I would give it a try.

    Most likely this will be boring for others to read, so dont say I didnt warn you first.:D

    I have split my account into two accounts at IB to be able to trade futures and stocks. This has caused my account to go under 25K and so I am only able to do swing trades for the most part. Upon going back over 25k for my stock account I will be doing more than 2-3 daytrades per week.

    In the mean time I will post my swing trades and see how it goes. Also helping is that I am having a pretty good string of trades (NO bad trades in over a week) so obviously my confidence is high.

    I almost always short ( what a great market to short)

    So here goes.

    Today I closed out SCIO for an average of .60+

    Shorted ATTC at 31.31 (william and TD 9 day seq)
    Shorted PHSY at 27.51 (william )

    I expect ATTC to be towards its low late wednesday and PHSY to just be lower by the end of the day
  2. Out of ATTC 31.22 +.09

    A little sooner than I would like but after missing a couple of good trades due to the money being tied up with this very slow mover I got out.
  3. Out of PHSY at 27.41 .1+

    Flat as of this trade
  4. Shorted PSUN 21.11 (William)

    expect it to be at lows late on Thursday/ or Fri
  5. nkhoi


    can you post TD9 in gif format. TIA.
  6. nkhoi


    what is TD 9 day seq? can you post a chart of them?
  7. TD 9 seq is a Tom Demark indicator. Basically it says that a daily chart that has nine days in a row where each daily bar is higher than four days before should be at a pivot point and should change at least intraday in direction. Also ATTC may be on a downward trend.

    William was the main signal and the TD9 seq was icing on the cake ( although in this case little beyond the commission was made)
  8. nkhoi


    yes, just what I though, the reason I ask for gif post because I was unable to draw demand and supply lines correctly, I guess if I see somebody do it then it make more sense.
  9. what is williams then?:)
  10. Out half of PSUN @ 20.72 .39+

    Will be watching and 21 will be my stop limit to lock in profit. Otherwise will close out towards end of day.
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