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  1. Well it took a while to get a good signal again but I received a Jenna today.

    Shorted IVGN @ 29.08. this should be a 10-20 min trade
  2. cover IVGN @ 28.97 + .11

    got busy with futures trading so I closed it out. Target was 28.85 and it did move past (under) the target.
  3. You made one trade, a short, and only made .11. How do you pay your bills trading like this? How do you intend to earn a living?
  4. Good questions. I pay 1 cent per trade to IB so that brings the net down to .09 cents a share in the good. that pays the broker bill. As far as making a living I dont intend at this time to make a living from trading.

    I work full time running a business and trade part/full time depending of the season but at no time depend on trading income. I also mostly trade futures when I am trading ( not making a living doing that either).

    The question that you missed is why am I posting the trades in this journal. the reason is that I want to have a record to reflect back to my trades and this is a great place to do so.
  5. Got two william signals today. GENZ and MLNM

    GENZ looked to be the best of the two.

    Shorted GENZ right during closing minutes at 20.63

    First good William signal in about a week or so. This bear market has not been giving me very many William signals as I should get two or three per week.

    I plan on holding till close Thursday or by using a trailing stop i may close earlier.
  6. Where do you get these signals?

    I notice the 30 minute charts are almost identical on GENZ & MLNM.


    Good Luck
  7. I use Stock Watch Pro with Qcharts. The actual signal is based on a formula that I developed. While the signal is from a daily chart the final day does have a lot of criteria that would make a 30 min chart look similar.

    While I am unwilling to go into the makeup of the signal I will say that for a stock to qualify the stock is showing signs of price exhaustion and allows one to sell into strength ( one of my favorite and profitable things to do)
  8. covered GENZ @ 19.30 1.33 +

    Did not go into the office today. Feeling sick so I got up out of bed watched this for about 45 min and then closed. Normally I would wait for the close where I expect this to be at the LOD.
  9. Short LTXX @ 10.389

    William signal
  10. Covered LTXX @10.02 +.369

    Held a bid for most of the day and just got hit about 3 min ago
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