the bears final hiding place - nasdaq and small cap

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chewbacca, May 18, 2007.

  1. smoke em out!!!

    buy the dips!!
  2. Poor bears...

    They're dying the death of 1000 cuts right now.

    I thought about starting some short plays earlier this week.... glad I just thought about it.

    toppy.......maybe.....but hey as long as you're nimble, there is money to be made.
  3. buy & hold

    #1 rec is DDM
  4. Wake me up when shorting the Russell 2k at the 830 level stops being a money printing machine (as it has been for 6 times running).
  5. bears got smoked in nasdaq today.
  6. Arnie


    Anyone know what the short int is for April? Supposed to come out today.
  7. tdubnik


    You'd only be down a little over $500 per contract right now.
  8. We'll see about that. :D
  9. I didn't short today, the daily technicals look stronger on this attempt than the previous 5. I'll wait for 840 on this one.