The Bear Market is Over

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  1. Stocks are again surging today and it now appears the bear market is over. We can all rest assured that by the end of the year we will look back at today and, in confidence, state to ourselves that this was a marvelous time to buy...
  2. Blotter?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. If you keep bumping this, you're bound to be right sooner or later.
    Prolly later.
  5. haha, good one :D
  6. What is your commitment in stocks this day? All I see is a balance.
  7. I keep two accounts, here is my other account.

  8. You have a nice balance. good for you.

    On this day you are calling a bottom, what have you bot/sld.

    How much have you committed on the day you call a bottom?
  9. good luck getting anything of substance around here

    all this shows is that the same account was transferred (see similar balances)

    OP stated he felt now is the time to buy.

    key word - felt - no real positions are (yet) posted

    pay sense
  10. I stop in about once a week hoping for a miracle. Notice my post count after 3 years. Bwah....

    In my shop when you speak outloud about taking a position you best take it. Hot air dont make money.
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