The bear case for stocks is ‘so obvious, it can’t be right’

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  1. Disagree. Rarely pays to get bearish until the market does something that is actually bearish.

    At this time, it would be a close-and-maintain below the February lows.... IMV.
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    those MW writers are so retarded, they are not even good enough for a contrarian indicator.
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  6. LOLOL, like they are not even intelligent enough to make a coherent prediction, and you need a coherent prediction to be able to bet the other way, awesome.
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    Historically this bull market is at it's last hoorah, every bull market in history has come to an end and this one being a decade old is closer to ending than continuing. Stock buybacks are keeping it afloat for now, analysts keep low-balling earning estimates so each and every result is better than the next......this bull market will end with a collapse and everyone will be wondering how could this possibly happen....if you aren't too greedy you'll know when to sell to take advantage of the next bear market!!!
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    ok so your only argument is it's 10 years old... brilliant, if we can make decisions by counting fingers.
  9. Bull markets collapse of their own weight. Meaning if allocated capital fails to return within a set period of time, then that capital is reallocated. It causes a reinforcing reaction where capital flees equities. When FAANG stocks fail to appreciate year over year, will trigger rethinking.
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