The Barry Kellner Wiki

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  1. Friends,

    Let us all contribute to this ever-growing body of knowledge:
  2. Barry's most recent alias on the forums is allenhobbs. Barry (allenhobbs) is noted to have previously been michaelscott on Elite Trader.

    He is known to enjoy blue suits, brown loafers and other people's private jets.
  3. Barry Zellner? Where are you getting all this info?

    and michaelscott, i really doubt it, but ok maybe.
  4. Court docs, criminal records, public domain type stuff mostly.

    Maybe a mod can check the IP, assuming he isn't using a proxy.
  5. Is that jerk really worth the time and effort, people are even starting to lose interest in his journal, he'll wither and die soon I expect (looking at the pictures on his blog that might be sooner, the guy looks seriously sick)

    There are freaks like him all over the net craving attention, their real lives are so empty and insignificant they have to be acknowledged somewhere just to make sure they're still alive.