The Barack Obama You Don't Know

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    <b><a href="">Introduction: The Obama you don't know</a></b>

    Few if any of his predecessors took the oath of office with higher public hopes for his success than President Obama on Jan. 20, 2009. Millions of Americans hailed his election as an end...

    <b><a href="">Chapter I: A childhood of privilege, not hardship</a></b>

    First lady Michelle Obama told the Democratic National Convention that "Barack and I were both raised by families who didn't have much in the way of money or material possessions." It is...

    <b><a href="">Chapter II: The myth of the 'rock-star professor'</a></b>

    Time magazine gushed in 2008 about Barack Obama's 12-year tenure as a law lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, saying, "Within a few years, he had become a rock-star professor with...

    <b><a href="">Chapter III: The 1997 speech that launched Obama</a></b>

    Few doubt that Barack Obama's stirring oration before the 2004 Democratic National Convention vaulted him into the national limelight. But another, less-heralded Obama address --...

    <b><a href="">Chapter IV: For the slumlord's defense, Barack Obama, Esq.</a></b>

    Writing in his 1995 autobiography, "Dreams from My Father," Obama said he became "a civil rights lawyer" because "to lend meaning to a community's suffering and take part in its healing -- that...

    <b><a href="">Chapter V: Obama's toughest critics on the Left</a></b>

    Barack Obama's carefully constructed image as a civil rights lawyer who wanted to heal the black community was greeted with skepticism by some Chicago activists. "I never drank the...

    <b><a href="">Chapter VI: The poor people Obama left behind</a></b>

    Four years after Barack Obama's historic election as president, little seems to have changed for the African-American communities on Chicago's South Side. The lack of change -- or the...

    <b><a href="">Chapter VII: The myth of Obama as state Senate reformer</a></b>

    Shortly after Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, Prairie State Blue, a liberal blog, attributed his victory to the fact that Illinois' deeply entrenched government corruption had...

    <b><a href="">Chapter VIII: Obama's state pension scheme</a></b>

    State Sen. Barack Obama and members of an Illinois lobbying group representing politically connected minority-owned businesses launched a campaign in 2000 to pressure state pension funds to help...

    <b><a href="">Chapter IX: The Arab-American network behind Obama</a></b>

    President Obama's controversial relationships with radical figures like Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi have been well-publicized in recent years. Prior to his academic...

    <b><a href="">Chapter X: Obama brings Chicago politics to Washington</a></b>

    Chicago has been called the home of "gangster government." How bad is it? Consider the following facts about the city from which President Obama rose through the ranks of American public...
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    Dude, don't you have anything else to say/do?
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    Wow! One of our liberal friends that I have on ignore read all that in less than 5 minutes and posted his/her reply! I'm impressed. :D
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    When you get big enough that the truth doesn't bother you, go ahead and take me off ignore.

    Your true voice of reason conservative ET brother,
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    But beyond the spin and the polls, a starkly different picture emerges. It is a portrait of a man quite unlike his image, not a visionary reformer but rather a classic Chicago machine pol who thrives on rewarding himself and his friends with the spoils of public office, and who uses his position to punish his enemies.
  6. Why doesn't he ask the same question of IQ47 who has been posting fluff articles about BO 24/7 for the past 3 years.
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    Everyone here thinks they're the true voice of reason.
    Simply repeating it over and over, doesn't make it so.
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    Yeah, I've put most of the false prophets here on ignore at least until after the election.

    After Romney wins I may purge my list so I can watch them cry. Too bad RCG has promised to leave ET after the Romney win. I really would like to see him wallow in his despair. :D
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    As far as chapter II, I did know that already. I have known many academics and it is obvious Obama is an empty suit.