The Barack Obama bubble:

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  1. Dotcom bubble, housing bubble, now comes the Obama bubble.

    If Barack Obama gets elected (and polls suggest so), many people who financed his -most expensive in history- campaign, would want to retrieve something in exchange for their financing.

    When it becomes obvious that not all financers may get contracts, bubble will burst.

    So, now even Obama is warning against unreallistic expectations.
  2. Politicians are supposed to be working for the public/mainstream!
    The system of Corporations giving contributions to a politian is absurd and outright Bribery. Politians should be give an even fixed amount of Dollars to run their campaigns funded by the tax system alone. Until this is rectified, our poiticians will always remain employees of the Corporation and full of corruption. I am surprised this isn't talked about more!
  3. There aren't any rules or limits for advertising consumer products in America. That to me is the real problem there, where everyone is persuaded to overspend. Why should there be any rules or limits for advertising something important like a president?
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    Sure they will all get something, each one will probably get a nice pork project added on to a tax payer funded bill.

    Obama's cronies already have the money they think they are gonna make from the sub prime buy back spent.
  5. The system of Corporations giving contributions to a politian is absurd and outright Bribery.

    A politician can blow off a corp, I'm more annoyed with the teachers union donations. My property tax dollars go for teachers and in turn they pass my tax dollars to the candidate of their choice and these dollars are big influential money.
  6. won't the dow crash 20% if obama wins to price in people liquidating before there is a 20% increase in cap gains? i'm not sure if it is an obama bubble or the obama crash that may unfold (but doubtful as i think mccain will still win)

  7. Barack Osama has a 4 to 1 spending edge over John McCain and a similar advantage over Hillary in the primary.. It's no wonder Media is hauling water for the guy.
  8. Does he raise more campaign $$$ and therefore has more to spend on the election?

    Hard to beat a guy who promises a "free lunch" in exchange for votes... :mad:
  9. Barry election's will be no bubble, it will be a bottom.

    The markets in this time period have had little to do with technicals and economic fundamentals. The market is trading on the pathetic leadership of this gubmint and global gubmints as well.

    I do not pay much attention to the CNBC talking heads.

    But I was listening yesterday to someone on Fast Money.

    As I remember he was bullish in the long term, but he then told Dylan Rattigan, of course if Obama is elected, nothing I said will hold true.

    At which Rattigan who was pretty much speechless, which is some rare occurence, cut to commercial on CNBC which is a subsidiary of NBC, the network which has imposed the no bad mouthing Barry rules.
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    I wonder what kind of policy influence I can expect for the $100 I contributed helping him fight off Hillary?
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