The bankruptcy of America

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  1. Fiduciary money works in strange manners. To consider it a Ponzi scheme is stretching the truth.
  2. according to the article, $44 trillion would be equal to about
    440 enron (marketcap=100 billion) or about 150 GE. WOW
  3. It is not about fiduciary by itself it is about abuse of fiduciary.

    You will see if it is stretching the truth when you will go into retirement: like for japenese people that have to retire annd were told that the money has disappeared since spent already.

    The retirement money of US people is today used by governement for public deficit covering that has nothing to do with retirement (you know what the famous excedent during the "new economic" boom was just retirement money that was transfered to governement cash register that was criticised in congress at that time by a politician but everybody just faint to ignore), they also used that money for fueling the stock market, but it is not enough so imagine in the future when the baby boomers will get old...

    A virtual bankruptcy means that you have lost your financial independancy that you can now be the target of financial terrorism for example, in fact it has already begun during the Congress enquiry of terrorist bank BCCI it was discovered that this bank tried to undermine the dollars. This bank was very linked to CIA and Arabian terrorist groups. In France the financial socialist party must be surely the target also since they have borrowed 100 trillions to arabia and I don't see how they can just pay the interest without having pumped in public money: that's what perhaps explain the huge deficit of Credit Lyonnais...

  4. you can never technically go bankrupt if you can create the money that must be accepted for payment of debts ( definition of legal tender ). Spend all you want , we'll make more. Could this destroy the economy ? Yes, but it avoids actual bankruptcy.