the Band-Aid ai'nt workin !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. the feds band aid just is'nt going to work. just look at what the commodity markets are telling us today.
  2. 1 trillion for 3 days of delay

    what a deal!

  3. Market manipulated delay and rally to allow big money to exit gracefully... A stay of execution and a pardon to some.
  4. TAAAAA DAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is NOT SUPPOSE to work....this is how a brilliantly executed "Globalist Games 2008" wealth transfer takes place. They CREATE the problem, and then come in with THE SOLUTION....but the solutions never work, there just part II of the overall con job! :mad:

    Who ever thinks this financial grid TAKEOVER is a random event caused by dumb risk managers, is as smart as a freshly graduated child from an inner city public school system.
  5. Glad to see someone else sees the bigger picture. Follow the money trail and you will find the criminals. All else is just illusion for the taxpayers.
  6. I'm not sure if we should be rushing to say whether or not the "band aid" will work yet. It's only been 3 days, the plan hasnt even passed through congress and been approved yet. Something of this magnitude will probably take a while to really judge. we shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions.