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    For some reason I've noticed a more-than-usual amount of references this Christmas season to "the baby Jesus" and it finally struck me what sheer insanity this is.

    This is not a knock on Christianity in general but it is a glaring example of how religion drives some people batshit crazy.

    Whether or not you believe Jesus Christ was/is a divine being or even was/is an actual person, I'm sure we can all agree that he did not die as a baby.

    According to the story (or history, if you prefer), Jesus Christ died as a man at least in his thirties, perhaps even 40 years old. So clearly the baby Jesus ceased to exist decades before the adult Jesus was crucified by the Romans and allegedly resurrected to heaven.

    Yet some Christians talk about "the baby Jesus" as if he is an extant being.

    There are even prayers to the baby Jesus!

    Do these people think the baby Jesus is some separate being, up in heaven alongside the adult Jesus??

    Some people can no more handle religion than they can handle heroin or cocaine.

  2. Great point :cool:
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    I think you may be watching too much talladega nights the ballad of ricky bobby.

    Outside of that movie I never see much reference to the baby Jesus outside of the manger scene.

    of course it maybe in other parts of the country.
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    Clearly the pic I posted just didn't register with you.

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    from your link...

    even though I would not pray that way... I still do not see that prayer as being to a separate person.

    as far as being extant...

    I think that is the point... if there is an afterlife... I would bet it is outside of time and age whether baby or old man would not matter.

    I do believe in eternal life.
  6. It would appear that you think Christmas has to do with the crucifixion and death of Christ.

    Although it seems likely that Christmas was a tradition that originated with non-Christians, the newly converted Christians kept Christmas and other holidays because they did not want to give up their beloved Pagan traditions.

    In order for earlier Christians to feel justified in celebrating the holiday, they inserted the BIRTH of Christ as the reason for celebration.

    So, now that you may realize that countless millions across the globe are celebrating the events that surround the birth of the "baby Jesus", Does it seem so preposterous that you may hear multiple references to "baby Jesus" in the month or so leading up to the holiday?

    I will grant you that we celebrate other people's birthdays, such as Abe Lincoln's, and I have never once seen or heard reference to "baby Abe".

    However, Abe Lincoln's birthday comes and goes unnoticed by many here in America, and even more so across the world.

    We don't spend a month or more preparing for Abe's B-day, but if we did, you can likely expect there would be "baby Abe" this and "baby Abe" that.

    After reading your comments, it appears that you have a fair amount of conflict with religion's effect on people.

    I find it curious that you would be frequenting website's like, and I would personally like to know more about your motives.

    I invite you to partake in an open discussion, here on ET, pertaining to what your beliefs or non-beliefs might be.

    It seems to indeed :)

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  8. Really PT?

    You sifted through my entire hypothesis of baby Jesus just to use my mentioning of Abe Lincoln's B-day as a platform for attempting to attain my physical address, so you can send me your feces in the mail?

    Slow night decimating the libturds huh?
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    It's a prayer to a nonexistant being: the infant Jesus. If you referred to one of your adult friends as "the Baby [Whoever]", he would either be insulted or reasonably assume that you had lost your mind.
    It's this sort of nonsense that makes nonbelievers regard all theists as nuts. Even when I was a devout Christian, a prayer to the baby Jesus would have struck me as sheer lunacy because I knew that my Lord and Savior had died as an adult and had ascended to Heaven as an adult.

    Believing in eternal life is one thing, believing that Jesus is in heaven both as a baby and a man and maybe as a teenager and as some poor adolescent in the hell of perpetual puberty as well is just plain insanity.

    Fun fact: the crown in the above graven image of the Baby Jesus in Heaven was donated by the current Pope of Rome. :)
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