The Baby Boomer

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  1. The Baby Boomer like myself, has been considered the largest age group worldwide. We have been marketed to and sold to since the day we were born. We have ruled the world. The Baby Boomers have had many more opportunities than our parents have not. Many Baby Boomers have a college education, whereas our parents may have just completed high school. Baby Boomers have 401K's, IRA's, Stock Options, just to name a few. We have had the security of a high paying job our whole career. We have never been slapped. We have never struggled to put food on the table. LIFE IS GOOD, or is it? Is anyone worried yet? I don't think so, but maybe just a bit.
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    Baby boomers, in all western societies, are the infamous generation that will stay in history for debt.
    This generation basically wrote itself a free check on the
    back of its youngs, in a selfish fashion unheard of in history.

    And it is just the start, since, at least in Europe, they are voting themselves retirement rights who will guarantee them more income than those who actually work.
    Starting this year, people who have had a high paying guaranteed job all their life receive more monthly than the best paying jobs for the most brilliant recent graduates.

    In France, the money comes from debt and a big tax on the back of the young workers who receive actually (before tax) only half of what the company spends for them.

    Baby boomers reinvented cannibalism :mad:

  3. Banjo


    Baby boomers reinvented cannibalism

    LOL, think of the wealth they will leave to the next gen. when they die, not that far off. Maybe you'll get a taste too.
  4. OHLC


    Banjo, I dont need anyone's wealth, I create enough of it by myself. And until it dies off, this generation will tax me more wealth that I could ever have dreamt of.

    This is my opinion as an under 25 that have had a certain success .
    Over here, the situation is desesperate for people my age...
    a young Phd or top engineer will earn, after tax, something close to subsistance level... not even enough to have a family.
    This is not because the companies do not have good payrolls, it is simply because once 75% has been taken, and them comes the income tax, it does not stay much.
    The new retired who has been employed with guaranty all his life with a high salary, and never actually saved for retirement, will earn more than a young engineer.
    I dont think it is justice that even the best among the young are left with no hope of future, or family, or stability, simply because the boomers generation feel like they must earn, once retired, more than those who work hard.

    The point is, here, that the boomers wrote themselves a huge free check on debt that they will never repay, and that they continue writing free checks on the young's backs, and pressuring them to barely survival levels.

    And off course, their buying power, stolen from the young pushes price of most things higher, rendering such things as ownership of a house simply a dream.

  5. Banjo


    Just saw some humor in the cannibal comment. I do agree with your points, it's an economic mess. A friend who has biz all over the world closed a plant he had, pharmaceuticles I think, in Belgium. He had to pay all the employees full salary for EIGHT years. I think in time there will be some social upheaval that will change laws and redistribute some of that unearned wealth
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    Holy shit, EIGHT years salary to get laid off?? Were do I sign up????
  7. Probably could have just shifted some assets/funds around and declared bankruptcy, one might think.
  8. I think I hit a nerve with this writing. The baby boomer had Viet Nam which was his only slapping. By the time this stock market sticks it up the Boomers arse, there will be more educated drunken drug addicted degenerates than this country has ever known. FOOD FOR THOUGHT A gelding won the Kentucky Derby this year. The last time this happened was in 1929.
  9. Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964 which (obviously) means the youngest have not yet turned 40 while the older boomers are several years away from 60. Further, there are over 75 MILLION Baby Boomers.................i.e. the demise of this generation is not exactly right around the corner.
  10. i dont pretend to foretell the future i just live the present

    the future is an illusion. there is no future ..

    or past.

    only the NOW.

    in snapshot.

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