The B-Team Review

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Kokomo Bogart, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. The difference between both and live trading is even more extraordinary.
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    So true its almost sad to see this thread still going. :(

    I guess this gives us a look at Jake 60 years ago, he got so comfortable in his 'safe' serene and pleasant working environment that he was never able to leave it.
  4. Exsqueeze me Mr. ube dube, but what is it that you find so heart-rending about Dr. von Neo's activities? To call your comments vacuous would be complimentary. You are clearly yet another B-team munchkin edger who is trying to ingratiate herself with Kokomo Bogart.

    Now don't get me wrong. Bogie made a very salient point when he noted that simming and trading ain't the same by a long shot. I will shortly be posting a little vignette called, "The Anatomy of a Failed Trade" to illustrate this point.

    In the meantime why don'y you try to learn how to express yourself without using ad hominems in a vain effort to buttress your poorly constructed confabulations.

  6. Neoxx, please come back. We miss you. I will teach you some practical SCT if you do. Promise.
  8. See? The beginnings of a support group! Nobody on the A-Team misses you. Just us.
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    I think the doubts are creeping in. He's worked out the problem with being always-in when you're not always-right.