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  1. B.S. is money

    let's hear some good B.S. from the web

    i'll start with a favorite: Briefing. com 05/10/04

    0:44AM Floor Talk : In speaking with institutional desks, this morning's broad sell-off can be attributed to a number of factors, which include: 1) concerns over an imminent Fed rate hike, as well as concerns that the Fed may be behind the curve if it waits much longer, 2) dollar rally has Taiwan in a tailspin, 3) China is likely to raise rates this week just as the ECB raised them last week, and 4) continuing geopolitical concerns (new pictures of U.S. servicemen abusing detainees are likely to spur more resistance abroad, assassination of the Chechen president). Traders note that with earnings season over this week, there are no specific catalysts for anyone to own stocks. Institutional desks generally think that any rally would probably be attributed to short-covering and not a renewed interest by investors to start buying on the dips.
  2. China is likely to raise rates this week just as the ECB raised them last week,

    ECB did not raise.BOE did.
  3. curtesy of

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    Avg profit per day : $17,872.05

    Avg profit per trade: 15%
    % profitable:90.01%
  4. how do you think make money?

    i can start my own company and write my own opinion pieces like this. whoever wrote that summarized what happened within the last week. he didnt add any value by writing this piece.

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    That's why I dropped it two years ago . . .
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    its good during earnings season... thats it... i dropped as of a few months ago when their servers went down... who do you use now???
  7. nothing like a little escapism.
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    Check out this guy's job title:

    "Shay Horowitz


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    How much longer are they (meaning mass media) gonna cry over interest rates and Iraq? What, is this market so damn new that it has no idea how to handle these situations?

    Absolute nonsense. When CNBC spends 3 hours of the trading talking about the Friends finale that noone cares bout, you know there is jack shit going on in the market.
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