The Awful Truth: ArtfulDodger's Ancestors Could have been BLACK!

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Do You Believe That White Folks Ancestors Were Black?

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  1. Wow! I won't be able to sleep tonight!


    A map shows human migration routes beginning about 100,000 years ago, based on mitochondrial (yellow) and Y-chromosome (blue) DNA evidence collected by the National Geographic Society's Genographic Project and other sources.

    A separate, massive new gene study confirms much of this information, including the "out of Africa" theory that modern humans first appeared in Africa and then spread to the rest of the world via the Middle East.
  2. LOL !!!!!
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    The awful truth -- all of you have ancestors that were fish.

    Thus proving that there is no intellectual or emotional difference between people and fish.
  7. I was never black. I have nothing to do with Obama HUSEIN.
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    Reminds me of a woman I slept with a couple of times years ago.

    A dead fish.
  9. Ok

  10. Thats why i worry about you sometimes.... Luke . :p .
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