The average MEATHEAD is still in the dark?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by cgtrader, Oct 8, 2008.

Do the MEATHEADS you know understand the crisis at all?

  1. Yes surprisingly they are very informed

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  2. Yes the know some about the crisis

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  3. No they no very little and hope for the best

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  4. No they are complete fools who deserve to lose

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  1. What is it going to take to wake the average IDIOT to wake up?

    I've the heard the expression "most of them aren't worth saving" and I guess he was right.

    I can still walk around on the street and 80% of people will just casually say, "oh ya stocks are down but they will come back, they always do, the government will fix it"

    What a bunch of bacon-brains!!!


    Depression is on the way.
  2. hughb


    So what is it that you want us meatheads to do? Pound away at our keyboards proclaiming the end of the world?

  3. lol:D Good point!

    But seriously you can prepare yourself and family in some ways. It takes a lot of thinking, tough decisions, and planning.

    But I still the big problem at this point is people are in denial.
  4. ElCubano


    i already said...planning a bike, learn how to grow food in your backyard and live without a/c ...peace
  5. hughb


    OK. My family consists of myself and a tabby cat. She eats like a pig so I had to put her on some very expensive Iams diet cat food. I can't cut back on that. She does need a new collar, I can push that back until the next rate cut. She also needs a post-summer flea dip. I'll push that back until the next stimulus package. I don't have anymore stocks to sell, sold the last one last week.
  6. Mav88


    It wasn't the meatheads that got us into this mess.
  7. most of the people in college are like "no no i would never buy right now stuff is going down" a few of my friends have told me they lost 50% of their money in random stocks. Sometime economics professors try to make jokes about stock before lecture but then you have a lecture hall of 400 people and only about 5 "get" the joke so now he stopped referring to the stock market all together.

    in conclusion (this is generalization) college kids are too busy getting drunk, high, going to parties, and having sex, then worrying about the stock market or saving any kind of money for that matter.
  8. That may be the case for those kids that are in marketing, accounting and MIS...but my finance program in the mid 90 was all stock market and learning to use the new technologies that were popping up due to the internet after 10 years of trading my own capital and figuring out the game.....that was the foundation of my livelihood.

    And this college was rated number 1 and 2 for party school in the country while I was there. Go Chico.......yes, it took me 6 years to get it done but that was because I had to work to cover socialize, drink (smoke) and experiment what you need to..... to get serious later.......part of growing up.

    School is about learning to complete projects and have some discipline to get the job done....... having fun just gives you good balance. You will master your career on the front lines and get what you put into it the first few years.

    Live life, have fun and do what makes you excited to get up each morning and do it again for the next 40 years. Well, trading is that for me.....Trade well.
  9. LOL... I'm actually doing that... I always pray to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.. I'm old so the bike has to have an electric motor and the a/c part... that's going to be tough, relocating to the coast would do it though......
  10. Waking up yet meatheads?

    Unlikely until they can't order KFC and pick up a six pack at the store in orderly fashion.
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