Discussion in 'Trading' started by chewbacca, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. You've been in denial and buoyant for far too long. Its over for you today.
  2. Do you mean, you've heard the fat lady singing from the mountain top?
  3. I'm having bull steak everyday till we have a full 10% correction on the Dow and SandP. YUMMY, get in mah belly!!!
  4. Consider covering soon.

  5. Nope Hezbollah may create a short squeeze but they can't save slowing economic and earnings growth.
  6. any objections?
  7. Blow and Sluts type of day for me.
  8. From a technical standpoint - the bulls got what they needed - a follow-through on the monday rally.

    IMO, the action the next 2 will set the tone for the next 60-80 days.

    but then again, im krazy. :D