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  1. A great site for all you creepy gun nuts out there. If you read through all the postings, four things stand out. The bad guys don't know how to use their guns. Armed citizens do. The bad guys generally come out on the bad end of the exchange, running, hospitalized, or dead. Concealed carry is a public duty that saves the taxpayer money.
  2. Moving, from one county to another in North Carolina, invalidates your concealed carry permit and you even have to retake the course.
  3. Yes, the only solution to a gun problem is more guns. I still don't understand why they aren't available for sale at the check out counters of convenience stores, alongside beef jerky and breath mints, for those quick impulse buys.
  4. Bummer. Move to Texas. And we have reciprocity with thirty-some states. And sic the NRA on them. A grand potential cause celebre.
  5. In my day you COULD buy them that way. Since then, has crime gone up or down with increasing regulation? Do you own a gun or guns? If not, the day may come when you weep piteously because you do not.
  6. We need a federal permit that's valid in every state.
  7. Can you imagine the qualification and proficiency tests that would require? The fucking liberals would want you to take a PhD. I like open carry, like in Maine, better. There is a petion now open in Texas for that.
  8. what is open carry.
  9. Yes, I'm sure increased regulation has directly resulted in more gun violence. That's why guns should be made available for sale at every street corner. After all, who wants to be caught empty-handed in an all-out, free-for-all, good old-fashioned shoot-out? Guns are the solution to guns, just like when you lose your job it's essential to spend as much money as you possibly can to stir the economy so that an opening can become available for you. It's surprising how few people truly appreciate such common sense logic.
  10. solution. pass more legislation. more laws. lots of them. then let violent offenders out of prison early, so they can kill four police officers in public. or hold young girls prisoner for 20 years while siring two children with her. pass lots of laws, bigger govt is the solution
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