The Argument Against Creation

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    if the view that light is emitted from a source goes through the eye and is perceived is wrong...

    and the answer is quantum mechanical...
    what is light?

    I have been intrigued by the idea is that the universe is a hologram and light is what brings it to life for us.

    here was exgoper article. the quote is from the last column.[/QUOTE]
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  2. That is a good point.

    I'm just unsure, but my interpretation according to Stoic physics would be: "The quantum movement by itself is a Cause, representing the ongoing change of the state of Matter."

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    The flaw in your thought process is that you presume time exists independently of god or creation, as a fabric onto which creation was imposed and then recorded.
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    And you know this how?
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  6. It'd be also possible that the quantum movement we an see is actually the particles are moved/ pushed/ impacted by dark energy which has continuous movement with much much faster speed than light speed.

    As it'd be possible that the whole universe would be 100% dark energy, anything including light and human life-cycle that we can see is just a sort of simulation models that are projected in the space/ universe of dark energy.

    As all things (including light) being simulation models that we can see are just outliers in the universe, existing only temporarily with limited life-/time-span.

    Completely contrary to the convention that the things we can see are normal, other things we cannot see are outliers.

    I doubt it. I'd think that it'd be possible when transmitting information through using dark energy/matter.

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  7. Another view to look at the issue is, imo:

    There might be a set of several first causes that are interacting internally with each other including many many feedback loops to be appearing as One first cause externally.

    Why the number of first cause must be just One, instead of Many?


    Furthermore, is it possible after the very First first-cause for creation, there would be potentially a Future first-cause for elimination/ destruction Suddenly or eternally expanding forever indefinitely, rather than gradually diminishing/ dying Naturally over time according to conventional scientific thinking?


    How do we know there will be No any Future first-cause???

    Or even a Huge Big Bang to be happened in the future, that can be much much bigger than the (theoretically-)known Big Bang?

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    Nice pics.
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  10. God is everything.Time included.
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