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Discussion in 'Politics' started by cartm, Jan 8, 2004.

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    Don't like reality shows but this one was pretty good, I like how they have the mba's and the "streetsmart" people competing. The 23 yr old real estate chick is a piece of ass. Anyone see it? What did you think?
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    I watched it (off of tape, FF=Commercial Shortener :D ). The chicks had a way clear advantage, there's no way somebody is gonna pay $5 to a guy for lemonade. Not that it's wrong for one group to have a temporary advantage - hope that the next time the guys get one.

    How come they did so poorly at the boat landing site? I know, the stinky fish market was there, but with boatloads of tourists arriving (formally imprisoned on a boat with expensive - if any - refreshments), they shoulda been raking it in. Unless only one boat docked or something.

    Versacorp, that's a pretty lame name IMO. The girls came up with a much better one. But Versacorp was better than some of the other names they were tossing around (like BFB corp or BMA).

    I laughed when that one guy interrupted Trump to say "let me finish", then laughed even harder when Trump called him on it. Sure, he was defensive cuz everybody said "You're pretty quiet." But still, you gotta keep your cool.

    I can't figure out if that one guy who was crawling around on the floor in the reception area at the end is the real deal, or bad news. Passion, excitement, energy and confidence are all good (required even), but you gotta reign that in at times. And that guy seemed to be incapable of doing that. Guess we'll see in the future.
  3. Yeah pretty cool show. First reality show I've seen that I'll actually watch.
  4. i watched it 2
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    Yes I watched it.....and think I picked the winner......I think that tall dark chick is going to win this. She seems like she has it all together.
    On the guy's is the same thing....the dark guy seems to be the most together out of them.
    But since this is Trump's pick really, who knows what the dude likes in his personnel?
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