The APPLE Crash

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  1. These type of moves are unsustainable and tend to end in tears . . .
    This APPLE monthly chart won't be any different.

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    To say a crash is coming is useless unless you post a price, stop, and time frame. Did you make the same call as it went parabolic in 2009? around $190...and formed what would have looked like a "double top" at that time.
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    One interesting point to think about AAPL is that management haven't really made one mistake over the last 10-12 years. That breeds the natural feeling of invincibilty, always a dangerous position to be in.
  4. I agree. What goes up (like that) must come down. In 2010 already I thought it was toppish, I underestimated the popularity of the company's new products and the power of QE (Apple shareholders as all shareholders certainly have to thank Bubble Bernanke as well) . Apple may become a tablet juggernaut and its products go in every home but the stock isn't going to grow to the sky.
  5. Oh yeah sure,

    The have $100 billion in cash on their account.

    Own all their patents.

    Own all their buildings.

    Have no financing or any loans or credits.

    Users love their products.

    Kill every 'ipad/iphone/ipod killer that is coming out every week' without any problems.

    Have an incredible amount of new top secret products in development.

    They are the biggest company in $ worth traded on this planet.

    but sure, why don't you just fire up your super indicators and tell us what is going to happen with AAPL.
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    Did you cry when Jobs passed away?

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    With that sort of money at their disposal they can easily afford to hire the very best people at top wages - don't write them off yet - there is a long way to go !!
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    There will be a correction at some point.

    The thing is no one knows when.

    Will appl reach 500 before it corrects, 600, 700, 800..
  9. I see nothing wrong with what the submitter posted. It's one thing to just come in here and talk about how someone might think it's overvalued, but all he is doing is illustrating a fact. It is a parabolic rise.

    For my 2 cents. I think someone would sooner go broke shorting AAPL then going long. But they can't sustain their level of growth. That should just be common sense. Unless of course they develop a new revolutionary product yet again. APPL will soon be another MSFT. A cash cow with very little growth.
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    The thing is that they aren't priced for growth. If they can maintain their upgrade cycle the stock should be 20% higher. But it's harder to maintain the upgrade cycle when you have like 80% of the cell phone market and 90% of the music market.
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