the Anunnaki from Nibiru -- ‘Planet X’ of our Solar System

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    the Anunnaki began to arrive on Earth some 445,000 years ago, establishing settlements in the E.Din (later Mesopotamia) and mining gold in southeast Africa.
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    Sitchin is interesting in that he digs up a lot about giants of the past. He tortures history to make the timeline fit evolution type thinking though. Genesis 'splains it all quite simply and elegantly really.

    I love these anthropologists, they find a cave painting of a giant with horns shooting a deer with a bow and they say "well obviously this is a picture of a guy with ceremonial headdress and obviously he's being deified in the picture, that's why they made him so much larger than the deer...... you know how simple these people were [until modern Caucasian "scientists" came along, LOL]"

    Frigging idiots, apply Occam's razor, it's a picture of a giant shooting a deer with a bow... somebody put it up there to tell other people something... history is chock full of stories about giants, right up to just a few hundred years back and some say there still are some on the Solomon Islands...
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