The anti-Landis Indicator Rules

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  1. The rule of the Landis indicator is simple. Wait till Landis82 gets excited and then do the exact opposite of what he is excited about. You could have played this one and picked up a quick 20 to 25 points on the ES. It really is the holy grail of trading.
  2. Wow, exciting post.

    Moved to chit chat, not even worthy of politics and religion.
  3. landis the damn order filler trader-wannabe:D
  4. What are you talking about? This indicator is quite possibly the greatest indicator EVER developed. This post should actually be on every single discussion board on ET. The knowledge imparted is simply too valuable for other users not to know. I just made everybody 25 quick points and you think this is chit chat? WTF?
  5. Poor Dr. Jerk-Off...

    I must have hurt his feelings to point out that he has nothing better to do in his pathetic little LIFE than to post 19 times last Saturday. :D
  6. TT1


    LOL.... Landis you yourself posted 19 times this past Saturday!!!

    Are you really this IDIOTIC to make such a statement?
  7. landis are you perez hilton. the way you bitch about people is like perez hilton and carrie prejean.

  8. LMAO.

    Did you read some of those? He was throwing around derision about him having 5+ posts per day average for the last few months, while HE has 6+ posts per day average for the last 3 YEARS.

    And this is only from THIS alias. He's admitted to 2 more that I'm aware of, and has IIRC amassed 25-30k posts.....

    Time to get a life there Landis, geeze.....
  9. what are his other two alias's
  10. Cesko


    Are you really this IDIOTIC to make such a statement?

    Yes he is. I pointed this out long time ago (spelling!!) yet he doesn't seem to understand his own idiocy.
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