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Do we need to slow down Synthetic Biology?

  1. Yes. We have come too fast for our own good.

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  2. No. Especially you nitro, if you want utopia, you must go full speed ahead.

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  3. I don't know since I only read novels.

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  4. I don't care since I the world is comming to an end soon anyway.

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  2. We won't really know what we are doing until it gets out.

    Fail fast.
  3. no synthetic life has been created. hehehe, the headline is misleading as usual. it is just a proof of principle that the software a cells is running on (DNA) can be 100% test-tube made.

    biologists have engineered cells with modified genes for ages. those cells could be considered new life forms (and partially synthetic as well).

    in the Venter's experiment they still had to use a live cell to transplant it with the synthetic DNA - that's "cheating" as far as life-creation is concerned.
  4. read "Dr. Mary's Monkey", re. cancer, and other interesting revelations.
  5. Bingo!
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    MON has been doing this for years. We eat it everyday. It isn't made from scratch but what is the difference. They modify all day, living plants. Tons of kids getting cancer and allergies, read some older doctors musings on how strange it all is. Hmm.. where did all the bees go..Mad scientists, and again...we eat it. Or don't read anything about it, put your head in the sand. But it's not "I wonder if its gets out, maybe we should slow down. What a crossroad we are at this very day" Come on.. genie is out of the bottle and not going back, lets not act like there is some kind of debate to be had. This guy did nothing all that harmful compared.

  8. Actually, cancer rates sky rocketed since crisco was introduced.
    Also true, said cancer rates skyrocketed since fluoridation of water.

    Many other diseases attributed, to high tension power lines, or, low fibre diets.

    Fuck the possibilities, have a look at now.
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  10. There's a documentary about what will happen. It's been out a few years now...

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