The Anchor DeFi ponzi collapse journal

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    Amen. Literally. Maybe we should force Russia to recognize it as legal tender, then the whole war would like magic, end.

    Man, you guys never fail to surprise me with your naivete...
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    Neato. So from where do I get my free bitcoins to become a member of this new society of equality?
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    The most hated man in South Korea. Pussy investors, someone should just shot him in the face, instead he dropped Luna v2.

    "Now, the brash 30-year-old South Korean, who routinely derides his critics as “poor”, is being asked to account for this month’s $40bn collapse of a creation he once described as “the oldest and most widely used algo[rithmic] stablecoin in existence”, before adding: “Bow before the king.”

    As the losses mounted, South Korean press reports linked the crash with a local surge in online searches for Seoul’s Mapo Bridge, a reputed suicide spot. Local police announced increased patrols around the bridge in response."
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  6. Yup, a lot of people lost money due to him.

    I guess he did learn a lesson, don't shoot your mouth off regarding how rich you are or how poor everyone else is.

    Anyhow, every algo-stablecoin project he has run has turned into utter failure. I guess the money he gets is just too good to give up the ponzi.

    I first knew he was in big trouble when he made that one video post on Youtube how he was deploying the reserves and it was an 'attack', and specified names.

    You could clearly see he was sweating bullets. That fact alone only made observant people even more suspicious it wasn't fixable at that point.
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