The Anchor DeFi ponzi collapse journal

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    Is thread dead?
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    Is potato.
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  5. ANC price dropping like a rock, at 1.119 UST down 42.29%.

    Yield reserve down to 176,450,789 UST.

    Doesn't look good.
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  6. Never paid attention to Anchor. Recently have been watching LUNA's deaths-spiral. Looks like she's still out of control now.

    A victim of a mutli-pronged attack the last few days, which managed to even de-peg it. IIRC, Luna was purchasing up massive amounts of BTC. Well, now you see why BTC has been falling harder than ETH. Normally that's not supposed to happen.

    R.I.P. Luna... bye bye.
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    LUNA is down from 83 to 33 in a week.
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  8. Normally, in the equities market, the SEC would be right on this. But... alas. In crypto-land... anything goes I guess.

    I'm sure when(if) we find out which whale(s) were behind this, they will come up with some sort of story... maybe a fat-finger here, a typo-there.... you know. :sneaky:
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    Care the rephrase your post? :)

    It took only 7 weeks to prove my point...
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