The amount of Work that goes on behind the scenes

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  1. I have been a "junior moderator" for a only a few months now. I want the guests here to know that there is a tremendous amount of work going on behind the scenes to keep these Forums spam free.

    I am not at liberty to discuss the details, but a day does not go by where the moderators are not talking to each other about the business of moderation.

    Some of the guests may not realize how really bad it could be. The moderation of ET is full time work for several moderators and the more experienced moderators do a fine job...and ironically you may never know it! (when you do not know it, that means it is the best moderation)

    This is a real professional site with not only the Elite in the business working behind the scenes, but the Elite guests that contribute, visit and read. We could not survive without each other and I wanted to do my part and post this thread...

    and....Good Trading to all of You.

    Michael B.
  2. Do you get paid?
  3. Yes everyday...maybe not with money, but with far more..... I appreciate this place and would miss it greatly if it were not here.

    I encourage the guests here to get involved and when Joe posts that he needs moderators...chip in and do your part and make this place the Elite for all.

    Meanwhile everytime you see spam...complain buttons should lite up!

    Michael B.

  4. what do u think of the suggestions that have been made so far to involve the established ET membership more broadly to help fight off spam efficiently, making it easier on mods, tougher on spammers... of course some IT work wld be required, but nothing massive i wld think... yr thoughts?
  5. I appreciate that you consider my thoughts.

    However this is Barons site and my limited experience tells me that to involve a "self regulating" community in what would involve impartial decisions on their part, is simply impossible. Also consider the anonymity of the thing, where a moderator has the responsibility and can be identified, causing responsibility, where anonymity produces a decision making process without responsibility.

    Michael B.

  6. anonymity... Baron's got my bloomberg address and my professional details as well... not sure about anonymity to Baron really... thats all that matters, right?

    but i do hear yr point... not easy...

    however allowing tons more members (jointly? min quota of 2, 5?) to freeze / hide a post / thread and the recently registered potential spammer's posting rights until a properly accreditated mod takes a look doesn't seem to break any responsibility-based framework... to me at least... and you can bet that spammers will get discouraged pretty rapidly at that rate... their time's money too... they need result... they'll go where they can achieve those results...
  7. How's the food down there at ET hq's cafeteria?
  8. Well I wished they served coffee...I do not enjoy beer for breakfast...and I will not...I repeat I will not put that on my cornflakes...

    Keep the dancing girls though....It's great training for my woodies CCI

  9. I applied sometime ago and was turned down :(

    Still produces a tear now and then when the memory is brutally brought back in a raging torrent of anger and.... well.... I am better now.
  10. So was but I tried again :)

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