The American way of dealing with economic problems

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    August 24, 2008

    SouthAmerica: You have to be very dumb and stupid to move this thread from the economics forum to the chit chat forum

    Lou Dobbs on "Population Explosion" in the United States

    Today that is how Americans handle serious subjects that have major economic impact in the US economy – they try to hide the problem - and in this case the discussion it is moved to the chit chat forum with the jokes.

    That is the mentality of many Americans today when there is a subject that they are afraid of talking about. A person has to be very stupid to move a thread about population and the economic impact that it has in the United States from the economics forum to the chit chat forum.

    The people who agrees that this thread should go back to the economics forum please post your complain on this thread and ask the person who moved that thread to chit chat to return it to the economics forum.

    I know the subject of population is a subject that many Americans are afraid of talking about and they should because of the major economic impact that it has on the economy of the United States.

    Today Americans prefer to be surprised by everything and when they get hit by a ton of bricks, then they look like chickens without heads in complete panic.

    Today that's the American way - 1) Denial, 2) Panic, and 3) Damage Control.

  2. jprad


    "You have to be very dumb and stupid to move this thread from the economics forum to the chit chat forum"

    SA, your posts (aside from the highly annoying habit of yours to preface each one with redundant information) are just opportunities for you to chat about the anti-American chit you manage to get published.

    You're just another basher, who happens to live in the country you like to bash.

    And, now you're looking for sympathy?

    Well, you can find it in the dictionary between "shit" and "syphilis."
  3. donnap


    I don't agree with all that SA posts but he is right on here.

    U.S. immigration policies and the resultant population explosion are ruining our country. We do not have the resources to sustain such growth.

    Why would the government pursue such a destructive policy - which destablizes the cohesiveness of our nation and ruins our quality of life?

    Because Corporations run the government and Corps. want cheap labor and bigger markets (more people). They don't give a damn about people or quality of life.

    It's 2008, not 1848 and our country can no longer sustain large numbers of immigrants without taking away from the rest of the population and depleting already scarce resources (read higher prices).

    In one or two generations, Americans have become spoiled and lazy. I'm glad that my parents were raised during the Depression and experienced very hard times. They instilled in us a sense of thriftiness and frugality. But that generation is nearly gone now. We need relearn the traits that helped make our country strong - hard work, thriftiness and self-reliance.

    Immigration should be the Number One issue in the upcoming election since it is a far greater threat to this country than terrorism or any other issue.

    Wake up America.
  4. Personally, I admire the immigrants. Why stand in the way of people who want to work?

    Some Americans cannot find their way to the unemployement office yet immigrants can find their way to a job in a far away country right under the nose of an American.
  5. Today that's the American way - 1) Denial, 2) Panic, and 3) Damage Control.

    hey...its worked pretty darn good for 100 years now....what is the USA supposed to do? maybe we can act like a South American country and everytime there is an economic problem we: 1) bail on all our foreign loans and bonds 2) soicalize our coutry and 3) remain a poor 3rd world country for hundreds of years
  6. jprad


    This country was built by immigrants looking for a better way of life and government for all other immigrants in search of same.

    And, through our own apathy we have allowed those founding principles to be debased by a bunch of greedy opportunists.

    We earned this mess we're in.

    But, just because things are not so easy as before we're supposed to change the rules?

    Bullshit. That would be demeaning to those that made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

    Tough times forge the best leaders who will rise to turn this country around even though none of us may still be alive to see it.

    I'm hopeful my kids will, but damned sure theirs will be living in it.
  7. donnap


    Immigration policy has changed many times in this country. You would let anyone in?

    You would draw the line somewhere as long as your friends and family got in?

    You might halt immigration when we reach 500 million, a billion?

    I'm all for a fair immigration policy, as long as it is fair to Americans, too.. Personally, I also admire the hard working immigrants. It's about the population explosion and the easiest way to control it is through immigration policy.

    IMO, stablize our population first, then see how many more we can let in. We are being overwhelmed by immigrants. It's really out of control.
  8. Exactly. More slaves = better in slave owner's dictionary.
  9. Illum


    Southamerica your threads are worthless. You started another one about the great exodus of immigrants. Now one about a huge influx. You will post any old crap that paints the US in a bad light. Shut it, you are as worthless as your threads.
  10. toc


    South America,

    Do not be wishing for US to go down despite the fact lots of chaos in world today has it's origins in US foreign policy. If that happens, the world will enter a very chaotic and dangerous times. China will be totally hollowed as most of its economy is based on exporting to US and world will sink into depression very fast. With depression on the go, the oil and commodity prices will go down and Russia becomes an agitated Bear, risking a total authoritarian hand to curb the chaos.

    Europe will get drunk again in power and wars will start all over. Iran will seize the moment and expand into Greater Persia enveloping Iraq and other small nations.

    Time is to vote Obama Biden ticket. They will focus on internal strength or rather removing the weaknesses. More sensible and balanced foreign policy will not waste resources in futile wars, futurist war making technologies and hence programs for the both older and future generations will not be threatened with bankruptcy.

    From paycheck to paycheck, the scenario can quickly become hand to mouth and then we are talking some very angry folks and big change in lifestyles.
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