The American Dream (cartoon)

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    Nominated for 30 Oscars. :)
  2. Instead of a ~30 minute video, is there a 1 minute summation instead? :cool:
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    It's funny man, watch it. Seriously, good stuff. The ending is classic right out of the movie "300".
  4. Samsara


    Nothing I hadn't heard before, but by far one of the best ways of explaining it I've seen. Particularly the Hamilton/Jefferson recount. The problem with arguments like this though is that they bulldoze over historical counterargument and substitute conspiracy theory. There are sound arguments against the gold standard and in favor of floating exchange rates, for instance.
    I hadn't heard the theory that it was the Fed that killed JFK though. That's a new one.

    Maverick74, you believe that?
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    I've heard the JFK theory many times. I am not a conspiracy theorist. My father is the biggest JFK conspiracy theorist on the planet. I'm pretty agnostic on his assassination. Is it possible? Sure. Kennedy had many many enemies. If I had to pick one of the many theories out there, the mob is probably the one that makes the most sense. Jack's father screwed the mob during prohibition and they swore to him then that they would kill every last Kennedy. Jack, Bobby and John Jr and attempts were made on Teddy. I'm not saying I believe any of that. But it's more likely then the Fed.
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    Gotcha. Also an interesting take.
  7. the1


    The Central Banking System is thought to be behind the assassination of JFK, Old Abe, and the attempted assassinations of Andrew Jackson. We'll probably never know whether it's true or not.