The 'Amazing' 5 Minute ES Volume Bar (Daytrading)

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  1. The 'Amazing' 5 Minute ES Volume Bar (Daytrading)...its been said that the 5 minute ES volume bar has the most information in one futures contract you know articles that have researched this?...websites etc.?...A writer in the last issue of "Futures" magazine also stated this in the article about ES trading...but did not go into length about the 5 minute ES volume we take a 5 minute chart and run volume on it...we see a lot...anyone done any studies on this?...I.E... how the volume of the bar indicates 'surges' up or down or about volume climax reversals...even if for just the next 5 minute bar?...thanks in advance...many will benefit from this!!
  2. Who made the initial claim?

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    Aren't 5 minute bars and volume bars mutually exclusive? The former being a unit of time and the latter of trade volume.
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  6. Inky, look at today's five minute ES chart and tell me, would you rather have Volume or Bar Quality as a supplement to pure price?
  7. this is amazing...any more insight?...please chime in...thanks!!!
  8. increasenow, they might have been talking about classical volume studies,

    like for exemple a upmove will be described has having more volume on upbars than downbars, so when you have increasing volume on a upmove, then you get a few downbars with less volume, you can assume it will be only a lil pullback and the upmove will continue.
    thus giving you an absolutely beautiful entry point.

    a candle with a small range and a big volume is called a ''squat bar'' and means there is strong resistance at this level, you can fade this

    a candle with a very big range and very high volume normally represents a climax, exhaustion. meaning youre likely to get a retrace. you can fade this too

    Volume bars really tells you whats going on, and the 5 mins bar seems to be a perfect resolution for that.

    you might have a interest in something called VSA (volume spread analysis)
  9. thanks Silver motion...this explains it great...appreciate your time and insight
  10. I agree, minute charts are minute charts and volume charts are volume charts.
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