The Allen Human Brain Atlas

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  1. We always expect to find God or Love with these reductionist
    methods of discovery like the Genome project or the Hadron collider but the results always turn out that "further inquiry is called for." Theres an interesting article in the May issue of Wired that explores how everything isn't clocks so much as clouds.
  2. Another thing occured to me. You've heard that every Twitter is going to be archived. You also know that most searches on Google are being stored as well. It seems like theres no end to the amount of information our mental progenies are going to
    hatch going into the future and it goes way beyond just Twitter and Google. It begins to boggle to the point where extending the
    notion of archiving everything regardless of its importance will require all the resources in terms of elements and manpower our
    existence can bring to bare. What else is there to do on a lazy Sunday morning but indulge reverie.
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    To me that's the greatest contribution of the net. To have virtually instant access to just about any information, on just about any subject at your fingertips. That's beauty of it. Yeah you gotta wade through mountains of crap at times, but it's out there... and it's only gonna get better. If we as humans can manage to stay out of our own way, I think we are gonna see exponential growth in discoveries and technological innovation. It's actually kinda exciting!
  4. Its hard to disagree with you Bronks w/o sounding like a complete pessimist but I often find vision and perspective to be mutually exclusive. Computer processing has been around long enough now that these breakthroughs you mention should have already happened. When I was young it was said flying cars would have been around at least ten years ago. Of course for my personal use its been great.
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    I can relate. Those Popular Science mags of years back... and now for that matter... really depicted all kinds of Utopian devices. And yes, I'm really bummed that the flying car and anti-gravity hasn't come to fruition for the masses. Yet 'ya gotta admit, a dream has to start somewhere...