The airline stock thread

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  1. American:




    US Airways:


    Jet Blue:






    Hawaiian Airlines:


    Alaska Air:

  2. No love for this thread :(
  3. What's to love? Blank charts of Airline stocks? It isn't like people don't have charting programs.
  4. shfly


    I'm long LCC...parked in a longer term account. Merger with American should happen...Not so sure what upside LCC will happen when this is announced. Probably baked in.
  5. Blank? Are they not showing up? Crap.

    The purpose of this thread was to start a discussion on airline stocks in case anyone had anything to say.
  6. yobo


    Trading the airlines against USO is a great pair. They are negatively correlated.
  7. Man I should've bought some AAMRQ when I made this thread.
  8. I suspect their debt is a better deal.
  9. If you would've bought AAMRQ when I made this thread you would be up over 1,110% now.

  10. and I thought AAPL was bad lol
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