the air force

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  1. Did I miss something? What is there not to agree with in that vid? Good guys are blowing up bad guys. Ever since a buddy of mine came back from Iraq with scars on his face from when his Hummer was blown up via IED, and his driver was killed, I have little concern for collateral damage.

    If bad guys invade Wisconsin someday, and there is a platoon of good guys hiding amongst the hills on our farm, I would expect to get blown up if I decided to hang around while rocket fire was being exchanged.
  2. true- i am with u, my grandad was in ww2- and he had a black servant from africa
  3. ps never been to winsonin
  4. farms? u use bow and arrows? like robin hood? lol
  5. Pee shooters. And we wrestle our deer to the ground before slitting their throats. But only during the legal season, of course.
  6. ah- i hate pigs

    do it the real mans stuff
  7. I love that man. It's been said he drank a liter of scotch a day, and still lead a country through war.

    There has to be a lesson there somewhere.
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