The aim of the blog

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  1. The administrator here requested I post my blog posts here too.

    Here is the first.

    The aim of the blog.

    The aim of this blog is primarily to promote the ideas of Morganist Economics with the intention of providing a more successful economic model. It is also an attempt to provide a platform for other alternative economic discussions, which mainstream economic think tanks will not consider as it detracts from their own view point. Therefore all subjects and schools of economic thought can be discussed and posted with an emphasis on pure economic thinking rather than any kind of preference to one side of thinking or bias. Although Morganist Economics is a school of thought in itself, the core belief is on progression so there is no solid discrimination against other schools of thought unless they prove impractical. The final aim of this blog is to provide policy suggestions and debate these ideas on a high level with the intention of influencing people in power to improve economic governance.