The AIG Trade- Craziest of the century

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  1. Im Buying AIG tomorrow for the greatest All or NONE trade.
    The AIG hit today with the Govt telling the MEDIA to SHUT THE HELL UP. They tried to sweep the greatest loss in History under the rug like it was normal... WOW...

    Welcome Comrad.... I think its about to get ugly and then its happy days again...Im picking up AIG at .50 in a few days. Once this AIG is pushed through it sets the precedence for BAC and more to come.....

    I'm not worried about AIG I think there is more to come in the Insurance Markets...

    3 weeks of pain and then the party...

    I think Iras could load up on the markets down here. Fannie and Freddy may be good down here in the next few weeks.
    2000 shares a week for the next few weeks.

    Call me crazy.... There goes my profits...
  2. You sir are indeed crazy.

    But good luck to you nonetheless.
  3. What is your timeframe and target?

    Why go long AIG? It is essentially a government agency right now with no profit potential or goal.
  4. toc


    AIG is finished, prepare for Dow 5000 to 5500, that is not too far.
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    "They tried to sweep the greatest loss in History under the rug like it was normal... WOW..."

    because government knows that many more bigger losses are yet to be brought out the tresury's secret vault.

    rape of the american middleclass is just begining, prepare for rich soceities under boundary wall compounds and M16 totting guards with german sheperds on the prowl..........

    middleclass to soon look around for next decent meal.........and poor? only change is lots more in number.
  6. Buying AIG, huh? How'd that refco trade go for you last time?
  7. If you believe the you will conceive profits.... Just be kind when Im up 3000 percent. This is the trade of the century. If C can make a 30% move here then we could be looking at the greatest Government trade this century. C and AIG plus a bit of BAC maybe a rollercoaster for the ages any way I put it out there and here it is AIG at 1 before tax time Im hoping...

    DBO is my ETF pick.... Today the FHA needs a 620 to fund their deals so I say that The FHA IS screwing subprime holders with no grease.
  8. Is it a trade or investment here? I am feeling like a pig at the table with an apple in my mouth.Up On C Up on BAC and up on AIG....

    This has been the trade of the Century... KUDOS. Also I still think the DBO is gooiiing soon...:eek:
  9. First of all, congrats on the very nice call.

    Were you really only buying 2000 shares per week?
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