The ‘greatest’ economy slows down - China’s growth less impressive.

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Will China grow after the crisis?

  1. No

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  2. Yes

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  3. I don't mind.

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  1. poyayan


    Well, 9% growth should equal 9% nominal growth for all chinese corporations, right? :)

    Just get a trend of all chinese companies earning growth and bond yield and you can see where everything are at.
  2. This is just past data.
  3. Do you have anything more to tell me about China?
  4. It appears the USA [apparently soon to be the USSA] economy is going into a big, BIG long-duration slowdown... regardless of how hard they try to pump it up.

    China will find itself with LOTS of overcapacity and nowhere to sell the excess finished goods... Oops..
  5. They grow 10% a year for 30 years.
    Us had bad and good times since that

    they execute people for stealing much less than 700billions

    I think they will find they to grow without US
  6. USSA - :D :D good joke. Then the future president should read "Capital" by Carl Marx...

  7. For 30 years?! You mean they're growing since 1977-1978? I greatly doubt. At that time China was a very poor country.
  8. If the US hits a depression, China will lose greater than half of their exporting ability, which suppresses internal spending for them.
  9. switching from a sprint to a marathon
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