The ADHD Method

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  1. Dyslexia and its related disorder lysdexia are strange phenomena. A misreading of a business sign may cause you to startle, as in seeing "Marital Arts" when the sign says "Martial Arts." The thread title "The ACD Method" I misread yesterday as "THE ADHD Method." At four this morning I awoke with a start realizing that I HAVE an ADHD Method already that I hadn't previously recognized. It fell out of an algorithm development for a seemingly simple functionality that turned out to be more difficult than was apparent at first blush. For reasons that I cannot disclose without giving away the core idea, I call the function behind The ADHD Method "Disattention." It has qualities of both an indicator and an oscillator, so I call it an indicating oscillator, or indillator for short. That is because it is more indillator that ossicator. One interprets the attached chart with price on the top and the indillator on the bottom as follows. The higher the value of the indillator, the greater the Disattention. The lower the value of the indillator, the lesser the Disattention. Research is in progress to determine appropriate thresholds showing whether a particular price move is drawing increasing or decreasing Disattention. Suggestions are welcomed. But from close inspection I am quite confident that the minimum value of Disattention the market can support is 60. A price change garnering increased Disattention is untrustorthy. A price change attracting decreased Disattention is deemed to be more reliable. Judge for yourself from the attachment.
  2. Dr. Doaks, if your unalysis is true, the trader type least likely to be drawn into treacherous midday whipsaws is one who suffers from my therapeutic speciality, IDHD - Inattention Deficit Hyperinactivity Disorder. Such a person would be inattentively inattentive to your new indillator and be actively inactive in the market.
  3. Many of my clients are obsessed with the belief that there is serendipity in the markets directed magically and solely to themselves. Privately I refer to them as serendipshitists. But today I have experienced serendipshity for myself. Peerusing your thread, I flashed upon a credible measure orf ET's collective IQ. Exclusively related to your posts, I take the ratio of the number of attachment views to the number of thread views, and multiply said ratio by 150 to obtain ETIQ. You can do the math. I often wondered why you referred to your threads as IQ tests. No doubt some would argue that I have said ratio inverted.
  4. Bitch Market is an attention whore. She cannot stand it when traders are indifferent to her. I have established that when Disattention reaches a threshold of pain for her of 243, she has get up on a table and dance. Example attached.
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  5. By the Mudgins Measure, ET's IQ currently is reading 40. Proof that if ET begs for a handout and doesn't get it, the Bitch Meter pegs. But if you freely offer ET something, who cares?
  6. The multiple personae of Arthur “The Decorator”?
  7. Your kind attention raised the ET IQ measurement to 46.
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    The ADHD method, as I understand it, requires the subject to trust the judgment of others, several others and all at once, rather than his own. And since no two people think exactly alike, therein lies the madness to the method.
  9. It works for me because everyone else in the market is waaaaaay smarter than I am.
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    Now you're just bragging.
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