The Actual Grail

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  1. This RSI pattern is the closest thing to a holy grail in trading-whether long or short(just use it when inverse)--(when coupled with prudent money management it's a grail). Yes it is that simple--
  2. siki13


    I hope you are not serious.
  3. I'm very serious
  4. siki13


    Then you are going to be very disappointed.
    Good luck...
  5. I've already been using it for many years and the disappointments are very few and very far between.
  6. RhinoGG

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    Price makes Higher Low
    MacD cross
    RSI makes Higher Low

  7. works even better of course with price making a lower low(divergence), but both types work well.
  8. EmAy


    The RSI is the most useless implement that is available.
  9. RhinoGG

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    works even better on a Volume chart
  10. Buy1Sell2,

    Congratulations on your success with your simple strategy. Always good to see that there a many ways to make money in the market.

    I also enjoy the responses generated.

    Cheers :)
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