The ACLU demands an end to separation of church & state

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    Certain churches, anyway.

    The ACLU says that U of M can install Muslim Footbaths:
  2. The rationale in the last two paragraphs sure makes sense to me. What about you TGregg, what's your objection?

  3. jem


    Well that may be one way to provide for safety.

    Another way would be for a sign saying no putting your feet in the sink.

    Why not provide bongs for indians who smoke peyote as part of their religion in order to avoid dangerous second hand smoke?

    I know the above example is over the top but providing for public safety can be accomplished in more ways than one.

    And using private funds in a public place is not the answer either.

    Look at litigation over the war memorial cross on mt soledad in San Diego. I think the lawsuit against the now private cross came from the ACLU.
  4. With respect, it's absurd. I might say it's not a big deal if the ACLU were not on its own jihad across the country to eradicate any Christian symbols on public property or if muslims had any respect for other religions.

    The problem with accommodating muslims is that it starts down a slippery slope. First it's foot baths. Next, separate prayer rooms. Next, providing mosques and imans, next letting them have their own justice system, next prohibiting any criticism of islam. Look at the UK.

    If they find conditions in the US too intolerable, let them move to Saudi Arabia or some other muslim paradise.
  5. Exactly.
  6. The A.C.L.U. defends anyone on a constitutional principle basis.

    Hell, they even defended that fat slimbag puss ball Rush Limfat...
  7. Paranoia, the destroya...

    Only when public (tax dollars) issues are involved, not private issues.

    Check yourself, if they defended all the complainers, we would see them standing side by side with Paris Hilton, et. al.

  8. jem


    yeah anyone they choose, not anyone deserving.

    Look I rally have no problems with Muslims praying.

    I always did have a problem when I went in to use a bathroom in college and I would see Muslims sticking their feet in the sink in our student center where we eat.

    I basically stopped washing my hands in public places unless I made a "mistake."

    But now I am a bit pissed at the aclu.

    We can not have a removable christmas scene for a few weeks a year on public property but we are going to use tax dollars to pay for a 365 day a year monument to Islam everywhere a Muslim wishes to pray.

    come on where is it going to end and why are we favoring Islam over other religions? Why dont muslims buy some land and build more prayer areas?
  9. How can the ACLU demand the end of something that has never existed?

    This is just some more drama from our resident religious fundamental drama queens.
  10. Christianity has been, and still is the dominant religion in America, second of course to the religion of money and capitalism.

    Is more government money spent on Christian religion related causes than any other religion, etc.?

    The fundamental argument is that if you support on religion in any way, you have to give equal access and opportunity to the practices of every other know that, you just don't like it.

    Genuine separation of church and state makes all churches equal...they all get nothing, they all get no tax breaks, etc.

    So what is your problem?

    The A.C.L.U. is going after a much bigger issue than just this case. They are trying to put up that wall that Jefferson spoke of...

    Oh, and Hindus (as vegetarians, as well as 7th Day Adventist vegetarians and some Buddhists) have a problem with public funding for meat in school problems.

    Get over your religious issues, and be a good old accepting non judgmental know, the way that Christ...your master...wanted you to be...

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