The ACD Method

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    ES actually works pretty well with the ACD methodology. Fishers main markets are the energies, ES, and ZB. I think for a beginner all these markets move too fast for someone who doesnt have a strong grasp of the method. I would recommend the ZN which is basically a slower version of the ZB. The ZN doesnt follow the ACD as well but it is a good market to start off with. Once you have an understanding and have some time sim trading i would say the ES. But at that point you could really trade the ES, CL and ZB with the ACD method.
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  2. I've read that it doesn't work so well with ES. :) I already trade an ES system every day so it'd be very easy for me to do ACD with ES and save me from adding another market.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Very good book.

    If you can find out std deviations and mean for ORs,you will find it more useful.
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    So no one has had lots of experience with ES and ACD? I read the book once, does seem very 'logical', but slippage seems high at times. Maybe I haven't absorbed the system yet, but the breakout values he talks about often seem to reverse quite substantially in volatile markets, so unless you're highly leveraged, it would be difficult to sit and wait out so much slippage, no?
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    The ACD method works very well with index futures. You just need to fully understand what the ACD method is about.
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  6. Can you explain more about it? I read the book but I don't get how to calculate the ACD values.
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    Using 20% to 25% of either a 5 or 10 day ATR is a good start for both the A and C values.
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    Take a look at Gold today, Good pivot A' down. Only to come back up through the pivot high range.

    Question is if you take the short at the A' down in half the opening range timeframe, probably around 117.00 low was only 113.00 stop was top of pivot at 119.00 area.....
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    Also, is the ATR a good proxy for profit target ?

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    You don't get short at the A down. You have a short bias...big difference. You still have to trade the product. The A level is not some magical level. It's an expression of volatility. ACD is all about volatility, time and price action.
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