The Absolute Worst Jobs!!!

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  1. This had me thinking. I see so many people on this website of complaining about jobs and the horror of it all.

    So I have compiled a list of jobs that are not just bad, but the worst I can possibly think of. This list is far from complete. Please add some to this thread:

    1. Garbageman in a 3rd world country
    2. Bulldozer operator at the Carlyle farm site in Michigan where superfund waste is taken for disposal
    3. Enlisted man explosive ordnance disposal in Iraq. I saw this guy on CNBC. They showed him with a metal detector on a road looking for booby traps. This seemed like a suicide mission.
    4. Being a member of the "Chernobyl Liquidators"

    feel free to add to the list. . .
  2. lescor


    S&P 500 shortseller
  3. Indian Shipbreaker.


    I would also add Bull Castrator and will spare viewers any relevant images.
  4. Gay-for-pay / rough trade :D
  5. Thai child prostitute.

    I would laugh, if I had no heart.

    P.S. Indian shipbreaking is no joke. Once you choose that course, you're pretty much dead, amputated or mortally ill.
  6. Used Car Salesman at Honest John's Carorama
  7. BSAM


    White House press secretary.
  8. overnight porn stall "mopper." I actually new someone that did this. His dad owned the place and made him do it as a teenager.
  9. There are places in Manhattan where you can buy some porn or go to a both and jerk off. Someone has the job of mopping up afterwards. There is one such facility near Penn Station. It may still be owned by the Zazzali family.
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